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20.05.2004 21:43 GMT+3
Game Logger

5.12.04 It's out! Grab it here!

As I've already said Game Stats Exporter is a mutator that dumps all game events into HTML log. Here is the list of events that it is capable to register for the current moment:
  • Kills (with ONS/AS support)
  • Items being picked (xcept Vials, cause they'll produce to much spam)
  • Sprees & Multikills
  • Server details
  • Scoring events for players and teams
  • End game score table
  • Players talks
Other than that mutator has other features:
  • Ability to disable logging of all events except kills/sprees and multikills
  • Each event is timestamped
  • Team-based colored player/team names
  • Team names can be set in mutator options
Anyway it's better to see, than to hear, so you can check links below look the log examples

Note: for now these logs, taken on version 1.9 are out of date, since in 3.0 log appearance significantly changed. I will get you new version of logs as soon as possible.
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If you want to know the changes/fixes follow the link below:

Changelog from v1 to v3

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