16 Dec 2004 22:14 GMT+3
GameLogger v3.8 is being whitelisted by Epic Games!.

The GameLogger v3.8 was whitelisted, and that means, that you can install it on your server and do not afraid, that your server will not be shown in the Server Browser with "Standard Servers Only" ticked. Thanks, Epic Games!
GameLogger v3.9 soon!

v3.9 will have 2 new features:
  • If TTM2004 or UTComp is used, the extended stats these mutators collect will be logged, if the option "Dump players' individual stats" is enabled. Currently only TTM part is done, because UTComp sources are stripped from *.u files and I haven't contacted UTComp team yet. TTM stats is being collected only for human players.
  • Logging of powernode state changes and beginning of new round in ONS (thanks to K8NNXP of Atari Forums for pointing me at lack of this stuff.)
I also fixed some strings to be more clear and fixed the death/damage strings with no weapon being specified. Oh, and I disabled the heavy damage debug spam in the log - forgot to turn it off.

5 Dec 2004 4:42AM GMT+3
Game Logger v3.8 RC1 is released!

    The Game logger mutator is finally being released. The was a period when it was designed for Beyond Unreal Forums Bonus Pack #2 but it didn't fit to the pack style so it was removed which allowed me to release it now.
    Game Logger's purpose is to log all the game events such as kills, players scoring, team scoring, items being picked up, players' talks, sprees & multikills. It also writes down most rules of the game - time limit, server type, map, gametype specific settings, such as time to score for Double Domination. In the end of the match it recreates and logs end game score table. In brief, GL is like an IRC-reporter, but it writes the HTML log instead of transmitting to the IRC-channel. The size of one log shouldn't be more than 500kb, and it downloads faster, because of text compression, that is very useful for the dial-up users. They can understand what was happening in the game without downloading the demo. And I might add they don't need to download extra files used on server. This mutator is designed mostly for the LAN events, where not always could exist the possibility to upload demos or set up UTV.
    Grab it here (I recommend you using Save As... option - if you'll click the link you may see the hoster's screen, which is in russian, and you may not find the link on it). Also you can check out the example of the game log here

3 June 2004 2:08AM GMT+3
English variant of _Lynx's Unreal Engine

     Hi, welcome to my site. Though it was designed specially for the russian audience, I found out that some of my projects are interesting not only for ex-USSR citizens. Especially for those, I've started english variant. I should warn you that it won't be as large as russian variant, and it won't be updated so often, but all the stuff concerning the abovementioned projects will be brought here at one time with the russian language version.
      For the current moment I'm nearly ready to bring you release-candidate version of Game Stats Logger. This is a small mutator, that dumps all the game events into HTML file. You can learn more about it here.
     The downloads page will be available soon!

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